Harmony of a Champion – Preview

I’ve produced six tracks and sound design for the upcoming album Harmony of a Champion, a fan-arranged non-profit Pokémon Red and Green tribute that will be released in 2016. Here’s a preview of the four electronic tracks Rocket Hideout (0:00), Rocket Encounter (0:46) , Vs. Rocket (0:59) and Silph Co. (1:27). The two remaining tracks are acoustic/orchestral and may or may not show up in another preview before the release. You can find the video below and on the music page.

Artist: Samuel Lidström
Originally composed by: Junichi Masuda
Project Facebook Page: HarmonyOfAChampion

The preview is also available as audio only at: https://soundcloud.com/harmonyofachampion/samuel-lidstrom-rocket-hideoutrocket-encountervs-rocketsilph-co