Me and music

Music has always been a big part of my life. I started taking private piano lessons at the age of six. I have since then picked up and learned playing other instruments as well. Today my main focus lies in writing and producing music and a bit less in playing instruments.

Sound engineering and all the tech surrounding music and sound sparked my interest after I started writing my own songs and wanted to be able to arrange and record them. And after discovering MIDI, I really felt like I’d found the meaning of life! I soon became the nerdiest MIDI-nerd around and after some of my guitar playing friends told me that “MIDI will always sound like a machine compared to real instruments”, I decided that proving them wrong now had become my life’s most important mission. I still find it incredibly intriguing to try to narrow down and understand the subtle details that make live performances sound alive and emotional. And to then try to translate these minor details into MIDI-information is something I really love.

Below you’ll find some tracks from previous projects I’ve work on.

Using Sound design in Music production

My interest in sound design really comes in handy when producing music too. As a sound designer you often have to think (far) outside the box to get good results. As an example, capturing the sound of flapping bird wings can be a challenge. Solution: Take off your socks and spin them in front of the microphone. Done!

This way of thinking has spilled over to how I produce music as well. As an example, in “Gift of Flight” I instantly knew the feel I wanted to create to a certain rhythm part (Gift of flight – 2:27 and forward), but I also knew I didn’t have any drum sounds that would suffice. Then I realized that that I probably would get what I wanted by recording a door handle and pitching it down. So I did, and it was just right!

In the slider above you’ll find some tracks from previous projects I’ve work on.