My name is Samuel and I’m a multiartist that do different kinds of visual art, web design, sound design, music production and more. This web page is however dedicated to my projects within sound design and music production. I’ve been working hard on project for a while now and haven’t had time to update this site. From now on I will however try to keep everything here updated. The design of the page is still a bit of a work in progress, so expect minor changes here and there going forward.

Sound Design – Testimonials

Magnetic: Cage Closed – Indie Prize Nomination @ Casual Connect 2016, Amsterdam

Medusa’s Labyrinth – Indie Prize Nomination @ Casual Connect 2016, Amsterdam

Award for Best Technical Execution @ Swedish Game Awards 2014 for the game Magnetic (the entire game/team, not just the sound design) 

Nominated for Best Execution in Audio @ Swedish Game Awards 2014 for the game Magnetic

Magnetic: Cage Closed Review [online video] by Karak @ AngryCentaurGaming
Time 3:07 – “First up is sound and it’s excellent! With depth, life, lightning, fire and choking of chlorine gas filling the failing lungs of your prisoner, all sounding really excellent! Everything from the rumble of steel containers that shuttle you to your next rectangle of life-ending or back to your room, to the tumble and rumble of items as you try to toss a metal cube half a football field away. They all really just sound excellent! It’s a great deal of special effects that are also used to solidify you in the feeling that you’re in these enclosed, or vastly open, spaces with reverb and echo used accordingly and with correct sound and channel separation throughout the game. ..Just really liked the sound!” (May 26, 2015)

music production – testimonials

Samuel Lidström – Community Spotlight @ shinesparkers.net 
“We are happy to be highlighting Samuel Lidström, an award-winning Swedish musician, music producer and sound designer. Samuel’s professional work includes the video games Magnetic: Cage Closed and Medusa’s Labyrinth, and he has also contributed to several musical projects from Shinesparkers, Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, Harmony of Heroes and Harmony of a Champion.”

Recommendation Letter: Darren Kerwin – Project Lead for Harmony of a Hunter 101% and Harmony of Heroes
“Samuel is a dedicated, hard working musician who has contributed a diverse range of music to several projects that I have directed and produced. His commitment to the project has always been incredibly high and has always delivered to agreed deadlines.

Not only is he a capable musician, but has shown great team leadership on one occasion where he supported others to complete a very complex arrangement. While this was a challenge, Samuel provided solutions, rather than problems. He worked hard, and ensured that the track was completed on time.

After the years I have worked with him, I consider Samuel an essential asset to our projects and a great friend. If you want someone with a passion, creative vision and a dedicated team player for your project, Samuel comes with the highest recommendation.” (March 21, 2015)

Review of the Album Harmony of Heroes at VideoGameMusic Online by Christopher Huynh
“A particular highlight is Samuel Lidstöm and Annmari Thim’s unique “Gift of Flight (Skyworld)” which combines several orchestral elements together with some exotic sounds alongside a soaring and grand rock arrangement.”  (March 11, 2015)

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